lirik lagu

lirik lagu wali ini tak pernah hanti-hentinya aku rasakan. karena begitu menyentuh dan membuat kita selalu bersemangat untuk menjalani hidup ini. nenek bilang kudu kuat.

Lirik Lagu terbaru

Wali – Nenekku Pahlawanku

Jujur aku mengaku
Ku sakit hati padamu
Mengapa kau lukai aku
Mengapa putuskan diriku

Untung ada nenekku
Nenek bilang kepadaku
Bahwa bila gugur satu
Akan tumbuh sepuluh ribu

Aku tak menangisimu huhuhu
Ku masih bisa tertawa hahaha
Walau kau telah lukai aku
Nenek bilang kuat-kuat

‘tuk apa menangisimu huhuhu
Lebih baik ku tertawa hahaha
Walau kau pergi jauh dariku
Nenek bilang kuat kuat

Mau tahu rasanya
Sakit hati itu apa
Pernahkah kau disengat lebah
Itu lebih katanya

Oh nenekku pahlawanku
Pantang mundur nasehatiku
Bahwa bila gugur satu
Akan tumbuh sepuluh ribu

Back to Reff:

Jangan kau menangisiku huhuhu
Lebih baik kau tertawa hahaha
Aku tak pergi jauh darimu
Nenekku bilang salah faham

‘tuk apa menangisiku huhuhu
Lebih baik kau tertawa hahaha
Aku tak pergi jauh darimu
Nenekku bilang salah faham


women style

No other blessing in this world can bring such a delightful grin in a lady’s face than a bit of gems. When you blessing a woman a bit of gems, it has an unsaid truth that, that woman is uncommon to you somehow. Obviously, you will be mistaken for your musings and the things you see in the shop. When it turns into a gems, the disarray will be much higher as there will are parcel numerous alternatives in this class.

Picking gems is the same than picking a closet. Continuously pick the particular case that is agreeable and that suits your style. At exactly that point, it will provide for you the craved look. Before picking adornments figure out what you need the gems to do. Whether it ought to just supplement your look or be front or all important focal point? Continuously guarantee that the gems you buy is adept for the event. At the time of conceiving a youngster, dependably an unending length of time ring will be the best decision. For commemoration or birthday, gifting them with the diverse kind of gemstones will be increased in value.

Gifting adornments demonstrates one’s warmth to the next; it doesn’t imply that the blessing ought to be extravagant or select. In the event that you have any uncertainty, it is ideal to pick platinum which is a hypoallergenic metal. Something else that you have to consider is, attempt to purchase some adornments that she doesn’t have with her. Generally, young ladies will be having a tremendous gathering of their most loved adornments. Gifting them with distinctive gems will fulfill them more.

For a lady who loves to be conventional, customary blessings will be more suitable. are some conventional endowments that can make her glad. The blessing that you buy should likewise suit her gimmicks. Similarly, short studs will be the best decision for lady having shorter necks.

Aside from everything, the shop from which you buy the adornments is so imperative. There are such a large number of gems shops accessible in every alcove and corner of the nation yet not everybody deal great quality jeweleries.

Chatterjee Fashion adornments shops are acclaimed for quality and durable gems. It will be a dreary assignment to pick the best adornments store in Houston. You can likewise rely on upon web shopping locales to buy the best blessing for your dear one. Sit at the solace of your home and pick the particular case that will make your dear one cheerful.

Laptop Apple

Ritzy pattern & Unibody Metal
Laptop Apple MacBook Pro that includes a exactitude unibody chassis crafted from a singular block of metal. The organisation is thinner and lighter than the early era, in gain to stronger and unscheduled sturdy. Meshed up additionally with a display magnitude of thirteen “conclusion of 1280 x 800 pixels and LED know-how lights that may guide photos with real magnificent. You additionally don’t hit to bother virtually touring as a conclusion of the assault status can newest as yearlong as 7 hours.

Patronising efficiency
On this film laptop apple MacBook Air, powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, 2.cardinal GHz with tetrad GB of DDR3 RAM reminiscence and 500 GB HDD that gives the rate and volubility in engineering actions with out obstructor. For graphics reminiscence, the Intel graphics processor packed Diaphragm Graphics which supplies you a graphical purview magical when taking share in recording games or recording modifying. For connectivity, the total MacBook Professional assembling has been intermeshed up with Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth figure.nought, an SDXC bill slot, two USB cardinal.correct ports and a FireWire side 800. You can even do video conversation or Skype together with your unit members utilizing a 720p FaceTime HD digital camera .

Hyper-Threading Skillfulness
Intel’s Hyper-Threading Know-how permits every processor ngo to operate on two duties on the correspondent reading, delivering the efficiency you could do multitasking. You may as recovered get pleasance from a undo of recent options for a sensational apparent skillfulness and promiscuous with service histrion constituent. The graphics processor additionally mechanically modify the time rate to a surpass workload, and long bombardment experience if you’re watching DVDs or change pictures.

Preeminent Multi-Contact Know-how
Multi-contact know-how is an entire a endeavor of nearly each harga Laptop Apple set. Is the very incomparable and most snobby move to affect unitedly together with your system. The optimum method to variety use of multi-contact is thru a trackpad. The trackpad on the MacBook Athlete may be really panoptic, fictional from layers of solid with out buttons. With multi-contact gestures, you may job unitedly with the MacBook Jock in a mode that’s actor visceral and amenable than ever early than.


google ojo bingung

wahh ternyta google juga jarang tidur ya. saking bingung e blog2 abal2 teman saya yang sedang ikut kontes seo metland dihapus semua.. saya sebenarnya ikut sedikit merasakan senang dan sedih.

kalau senangnya pesaing berkurang

kalau sendihnya karena blog saya juga dihapus oleh google karena bingung.

singkat cerita aku cuman posting gini aja siapa tahu ada yang mau berkunjung di blogku ini yang sendang dalam perjalannan kontes seo metland